Auto stage

  1. Overview
    The automated sample stages of Uniopt’s birefringence measurement systems are available in a variety of sizes and styles, and are all automatically controlled by a PC. This control technology can be applied not only to birefringence measuring instruments but also to various other measuring instruments. The combination of stages can be designed and customized according to the customer’s specifications. In addition to sales of individual stages and controllers, we also offer contract development of control software.

  2. Main Application Examples
    • Glass stage for large LCD substrates   :   Up to 3700 x 3700 mm
    • High speed rotation stages for optical disks  : 3000 rpm disk rotation, aperture axis, and orthogonal orthogonal 2 axes
    • Stage for reflective sample measurement   :    θ-2θ stage with arm rotation and center table rotation (coaxial 2 axes)
    • Stretching machine for polymer film   : Chucking part can be made according to customer’s instruction.

  3. Example
    • Coaxial rotation (θ-2θ) Stage:ASR-01
      thetaA stage in which the outer rotation axis and the center rotation axis rotate on the same axis. It can be used as a θ-2θ stage by attaching an arm to the outside and a sample stage to the center. It can be used to measure the reflected light of diffraction gratings, liquid crystal devices, polymer materials, etc.

    • Example of ABR mounting of 4 axis stage (AS-4JC)
      4axisThe ABR system consists of a rotating 2-axis stage and an orthogonal stage as a sample stage, and the ABR detectors are located at two positions: a straight transmission position and a 90-degree reflection position. The ABR detectors are installed at two positions, one at the straight transmission position and the other at the 90-degree reflection position, and the aperture axis stage switches between reflection and transmission measurements.


      4 axis stages for optical disk measurement


      XY 2 axis Stages Crossed Roller Slide Stages

    • etc.


       Crossed Roller Stages(ASL-50-C)


      60 mm Linear Stage : ASL-60


      100 mm Linear stage : ASL-100


      150 mm Linear stage with dustproof cover:


      300 mm Linear stage : ASL-300


      Automatic polarizer holder:PWA-30


      φ90 mm Rotate stage : ASR-90


      φ100 mm Rotate stage : ASR-100