1. Overview
     The ABR-22 is capable of measuring not only birefringence and its orientation, but also the angle of rotation simultaneously and independently. The ABR-22 uses optical heterodyne interferometry to achieve high-sensitivity and high-accuracy measurements. All operations are computerized and menu-driven, so they are easy to operate and the measurement results do not depend on the operator’s skill level.
    The calibration operation enables measurement with higher reproducibility. By manipulating the sample stage, two-dimensional birefringence (distribution) can be measured. A tilting stage can also be installed to measure grazing incidence birefringence.
    The stage is automatically controlled by a computer. The measurement results are visually represented on a two-dimensional display.

  1. Features
    • High sensitivity, high speed measurement : Adoption of optical heterodyne measurement method, 30 sec. / point
    • High accuracy, high reproducibility : Measurement with the sample stationary Resolution 0.4 nm
    • Capable of large sample size : Capable of handling large sample size

  1. Applications
    • Liquid crystal display : Birefringence characteristics of liquid crystal cells (TN, STN)
    • Evaluation of liquid crystal phase modulation elements
    • Evaluation of electro-optic devices such as Faraday devices: (Faraday effect, Kerr effect, Pockels effect, etc.)
    • Evaluation and research of characteristics of optical crystals
    • Evaluation and research of polymer materials

  1. Performance
    測定範囲0 - 316 nm0 - 180 deg.± 90 deg.± 90 deg.
    分解能0.4 nm0.2 deg.0.2 deg.0.2 deg.
    精度± 2 %± 2 %± 2 %± 2 %
    測定時間約 30 sec./point (リターデーションと方位角の同時測定)

  1. Configuration variation