Plant monitoring system

  1. Overview
    The All-in-One Monitoring System for Plant Factory (TBCF-10) is an environmental monitoring system for individual plants that was developed on behalf of the Plant Factory Research Facility of Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology. The system installs various environmental sensors to monitor temperature, humidity, soil moisture, pH, EC, etc. for each individual plant, controls the sensors, collects the data, and registers it in a database. Each individual plant is managed by an IC tag, and the growth and disease history of each individual plant can be managed at once. By displaying the time series of the acquired data in parallel, the correlation distribution of effective parameters for cultivation can be easily performed.

  2. Specifications
    • System environment : Windows, mySQL
    • PC for pot : Waterproof notebook PC
    • Measurement items : Temperature, Humidity, Soil moisture, pH, EC, Pot weight, Light intensity
    • Data acquisition interval and acquisition period can be set as desired by data logger setting (continuous measurement is possible)

  3. Configuration example



    server PC


    PC for Pot and sensor


    Installation of sensor