ABR variation

  • Scanning range of sample stage
    XZステージ50 x 50 mm垂直
    100 x 100 mm
    XYステージ100 x 100 mm水平
    200 x 200 mm
    300 x 300 mm
    400 x 400 mm
    500 x 500 mm
    600 x 600 mm
    1000 x 1000 mm
    1200 x 1200 mm
    2200 x 2200 mm *水平または,起き上がるタイプを選択
    2700 x 2700 mm *
    3200 x 3200 mm *
    3400 x 3400 mm *
    3700 x 3700 mm水平タイプのみ
    重量のある試料用ステージ(XYステージ)600 x 600 mm水平 耐荷重Max : 160 kg

  • 100 x 100 mm & tilting stage
    Useful for measurement of ellipsoids of refractive index with relatively small samples such as polymer films. The photo shows an example of the stage with a touch panel display (optional).



  • 300 x 400 mmm10A_30
    This model is used for inspection of liquid crystal substrates and rubbing films. The photo shows an example of the model with a touch panel display (optional). The control PC and other components are all built into the lower part of the sample stage, requiring no space other than the main unit.



  • 400 x 400 mmABR10_40
    This model can be used to measure large glass blocks. The top of the sample stage is wide open, so that a tilting stage can be mounted on the stage. The model shown in the photo is a stage with a load capacity of 30 kg, but a higher load capacity stage is available upon request.



  • 1200 x 1200 mmmabr120
    This is an example of mounting a stage for measuring a large area sample such as a liquid crystal substrate glass. The floor space for this type of system is about 3000 x 3000 mm. The PC for control is installed separately from the main unit.



  • 2100 x 2100 mm10A_210
    This is an example of a system equipped with a stage for measuring a large area sample such as a liquid crystal substrate glass. To shorten the measurement time, two sets of measurement optics are installed to perform two simultaneous measurements.



  • 2700 x 2700 mm
    This is an example of the stage configuration for measuring a large area sample such as liquid crystal substrate glass.

  • Safety coverm40_cov

    The entire system can be shielded to prevent accidents during stage movement. (Optional) We can comply with the customer’s internal safety management standards. The stage movement is controlled to stop when the front door is opened.


  • Experimental apparatus type

    This type of device sets the interferometer on the optical surface plate. The configuration of the instrument and sample stage can be easily arranged. It can also be used as an optical heterodyne interferometer for educational purposes.


  • Transmission and reflection measurement systemTRandRF

    By mounting the optical detection unit on the rotating stage, the system can measure not only transmitted light but also birefringence of reflected light. The photo shows an example of a system for simultaneous measurement of both transmitted and reflected light using a two-arm rotating stage. A variety of experimental systems can be constructed by applying this system.


  • Rotatable and Tiltable Sample Stages

    This system consists of a 4-axis sample stage with a rotation stage and a tilt stage mounted on an XY stage. The thicker the sample, the more the optical axis shifts laterally when the sample is tilted. The optical detection unit is mounted on a single axis stage to follow this.


  • Photoelastic constant measurementPho_ela

    Photoelastic constant measurement” can be performed with high accuracy and high resolution by combining the ABR with a pressurizer. This system also controls the pressurizer at the same time, enabling fully automatic measurement. In addition, the original processing method enables the determination of the photoelastic constants without being affected by residual strain or orientation strain in the case of plastics.