Photoelastic constant measurement


  1. Overview
    By combining the ABR-EX and SBR models with a sample pressurization device, high-precision measurement of photoelastic constants becomes possible. An automatic stretching device is mounted on the sample stage to measure the amount of birefringence at that time while applying a load to the sample. The stretching system is equipped with a temperature control mechanism in the sample setting section, so that stretching can be performed at a temperature suitable for the material. By combining this stretching system with a rotation and tilt stage, it is possible to measure the refractive index ellipsoid and evaluate the birefringence characteristics at different incidence angles. The analysis unit was developed in collaboration with Professor Tajitsu of Kansai University. If you have an ABR-10A-EX with a sample stage, you can use it with the sample stage. The ABR-10A-40, whose optical axis is positioned vertically, can also be equipped with a stretching device. The ABR-10A-40 can also be equipped with a stretching device, etc., for models such as the ABR-10A-40 in which the optical axis is positioned vertically.

  2. Main specifications
    • Deformation mode   :   Tensile and Compression measurements
    • Sample size   :  For tensile : 10 x 80 mm
    •                         :   For compression : Φ 20 mm, thin 15 mm
    • Thickness      :   0.3 – 15 mm
    • Drive system   : Simultaneous left and right screw drive by stepping motor
    • Tension and compression distance   :   100 mm Max.
    • Load cell   :  Rated 50 N (exchangeable to 200 N and 1000 N)
    • Thermostatic layer temperature control   :   Room temperature to 200℃
    • Temperature control accuracy   :   +/- 1℃

  3. Measurement Parameters
    • Optical properties   :   Photoelastic constant, Birefringence
    • Mechanical properties   :   elastic modulus (Young’s modulus), fracture strength
    • These measurements can be used to analyze morphology in the elastic region, as well as stretching and orientation properties.

  4. Measurement  example

    Photoelastic constant measurement example of TAC film


    Simultaneous photoelasticity measurement
    “Strain vs. retardation” curve


  5. Combination


    ABR-10A-EX base


    ABR-10A-40 base
    Compression and tensile apparatus with temperature controller