20 Nov. 1992                   Founded

Jul. 1993                           The development grants from the Science and Technology                                                          Promotion Foundation of Shizuoka

May 1994                         Tokyo office, and Development Office opened

Jun 1994                          Joint research with Umeda laboratory of Tokyo University of                                                     Agriculture and Technology started

Feb. 1996                         Shoko Chukin Bank “New Business Promotion lending” target                                                    company certification

Apr. 1996                         Shizuoka Branch opened

Jun. 1996                         This page opened

Jul. 1996                          Small business creation activities Promotion Act certification

Jun. 1998                         Collaborative research and development project commissioned                                                 (Shizuoka Pre.)

Mar. 1999                        Tokyo office, Shizuoka Branch Integration and transfer

Mar. 2001                        Collaborative research and development project completion

May 2002                       Ministry of Education, Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on                                                     Priority Areas  adopted

May 2003                       Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Priority Areas continued                                               adoption

May 2003                      NEDO,University business creation practical research and                                                          development projects adopted [2 projects]

Dec. 2003                       Entity conversion

Oct. 2005                         Shizuoka Branch office relocation

Jul. 2015                      Subsidy program for innovative business promotion,

                               Shizuoka, 2015-2019