Striae Observation Equipment


  1. Overview
    Striae observation equipment(UMY-10) is an instrument that can easily observe the refractive index disorder ( = striae*) of various transparent samples. By combining a camera with an optical system based on the Schlieren method and observing the results on a monitor, it is possible to perform high-sensitivity testing without requiring special training for pulse testing.

  2. Main Functions and Features
    • High sensitivity camera
    • 10x zoom lens
    • Ultra-bright white LED light source
    • Field of view Φ 75 mm

  3. Applications
    • Optical glass vein inspection
    • Inspection of crystal defects in compound semiconductor wafers
    • Fluid observation experiments

  4. Observation example

    Glass striae (not optical glass)


    Gas flowing out of an air nozzle

*The striae are the localized changes in the refractive index of a transparent material such as glass. A similar disorder of the refractive index occurs in gases such as air. Since the refractive index of the gas flowing out of the spray nozzle also differs, the pulse monitor can clearly observe these air turbulences. It is also possible to detect scratches and polishing irregularities (citron skin, etc.) on the surface of glass and other materials.
Lenses and other non-planar samples can be observed by immersing them in a liquid with the same refractive index as the lens sample (refractive index matching liquid) (immersion method).
The UMY-20 model (horizontal optical axis type) enables simpler observation than the immersion method by arranging the optical system and using a special tool.