1. Overview
    The SBR-03 is a birefringence measurement system based on a new measurement principle developed by Uniopt. The birefringence and principal axis orientation of a sample can be obtained simultaneously by rotating the sample while modulating the polarization state incident on it. It is characterized by its wide measurement dynamic range and high measurement resolution. (Patent No. 3844222)s-br3s
  2. Performance
    SpecificationsRetardationAzimuth of axis
    Measurement performanceResolution0.05 nm (at 633 nm)0.2 deg.
    Range0 - 180 deg.
    (0 - 316 nm at 633 nm)
    ± 90 deg.
    Repeatability**0.02 nm (Re = 0 nm)
    0.1 nm (Re = 158 nm)
    0.2 deg.
    Measurement timeAppx. 1 sec. / point
    Optical systemPrinciple of MeasurementPolarization modulation rotation method
    SourceHe-Ne laser (λ=632.8 nm)
    Other wavelengths are available as an option.
    Sample stageFoldingTo be discussed separately(Standard scanning range : < 50 x 50 nm )