1. Measured sample
    • Sample size < 400 x 400 mm (for details, please contact us)
    • Transparent to the measurement wavelength (632.8 nm)
    • The sample should be processed in such a way that light can pass through it in a straight line.
    • If the light does not travel straight, the measurement will be performed by the immersion method or the oil-on-plate method.

  2. Main applications
    • Rubbing films for liquid crystals, orientation characteristics of ferroelectric (antiferroelectric) liquid crystals, optical disks, polymer materials, semiconductor wafers, optical crystals, residual stress in optical glasses, etc.

  3. Delivery time and standard fee
    • Delivery time: (In the case of non-witnessed measurement) Normally, the measurement data will be sent within 2 weeks after the arrival of the measurement sample.
    • Price:
      1. Basic fee  ¥120,000.-
      Measurement fee  ¥300.-per measurement point
      [Example of fee calculation]
      In the case of 5 samples, each sample has 10 measurement points : 120,000+50×300=135,000.-

  4. Apply and Contact Us
    • Apply directly from here.
    • Send the application form by e-mail, fax, or mail.
      • You can download the application form as an Excel file or PDF file.
      • e-mail address : keisoku03service`at mark`
      • FAX : 054 (276) 1131
      • Mailing address : 2102 Makigaya, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka 421-1221, Japan