1. Overview
    The SBR-01 is based on the Senarmont method, which is one of the most popular birefringence measurement methods. The Senarmont method is adopted as the standard method for glass strain (birefringence) measurement by the Optical Glass Manufacturers’ Association of Japan. This optical measurement principle is also known to be less prone to measurement errors than other measurement principles in terms of alignment errors of the optical elements used in the measurement. SBR01

  2. Performance
    測定性能分解能0.1 deg. (0.2 nm at 633 nm)
    範囲± 180 deg.
    (± 316 nm at 633 nm)
    繰り返し精度± 0.2 deg. (± 0.4 nm at 633 nm)
    時間Appx. 3 sec. / point
    光源He-Neレーザー (λ=632.8 nm)
    試料ステージ系固定方法別途相談(標準走査範囲 : 50 x 50 nm以下)