Refractive index measurement equipment


  • Overview
    The prism coupling refractometer RIP-01 measures the refractive index by measuring the total reflection critical angle when a sample is placed in contact with the bottom of a reference prism. The RIP-01 is equipped with two types of semiconductor lasers as standard light sources, and is capable of measuring not only hard samples such as glass and acrylic, but also soft samples such as gel.
    The measurement repeatability of the total reflection angle is 0.02 deg., which is less than 0.0005 when converted to the angular resolution of the refractive index.

  • Features
    • Realizes reproducible angle control: Rotation mechanism using direct drive with less backslash
    • Selectable light source wavelengths: Various semiconductor lasers and He-Ne lasers
    • Capable of measuring a variety of samples: Optical contact with the prism makes it possible to measure samples regardless of their hardness, viscoelasticity, etc.

  • Specifications
    Body sizeW900 x D500 x H700 mm (Excluding protruding parts)
    Sample adhesion mechanismAir pressure type 1 MPa
    Angular resolution0.002 deg.
    Angular repeatability0.02 deg.
    Refractive index reproducibility0.0005
    Sample conditionsOptical contact with the bottom surface of the prism

  • Measurement example

    Example of critical angle measurement for polyethylene and glass


    Measurement reproducibility of cover glass for microscope