Large area scanning microscope


  1. Overview
    Large area scanning microscope(EXPloratory microscope for Extensive aRea with Transmitted_light, EXPERT-G2)The microscope is an optical microscopy mechanism developed for the measurement and analysis of samples such as nuclear emulsion plates and glass substrates.

  2. Functions and Features
    • Large-area high-precision XY stage
      • Position resolution 1 μm     closed-loop
      • Stage stroke           400 x 400 mm
    • High precision Z stage
      • Piezoelectric drive can be added to stepping motor drive
    • Large-area high-rigidity transmission stage
    • Camera synchronous light source
      • Synchronized with shutter synchronization signal of CMOS camera (CMOS camera is optional)
      • Ultra-bright white LED does not emit heat rays or ultraviolet rays, so there is no damage to the sample.
    • Sample holder
      • A vacuum holder can be mounted to match the shape of the sample.

  3. Application fields
    • Detection of traces of elementary particles and nuclear reactions recorded on photographic dry plates.
    • Defect inspection of various patterns on photomasks, etc.
    • Inspection of culture conditions in cell culture cells

  4. Main specifications
    Microscope sectionFocus oscillation method
    Drive by stepping motor
    • Closed-loop control by encoder
    • Travel distance 30 mm, reading unit 0.1 μm
    Drive by piezoelectric element
    • Travel : Open loop : 550 μm,
      Closed loop 500 μm
    • Accuracy : 0.007 % of full stroke
    RevolverManual standard revolver (bright field type)
    Lens barrelTrinocular T-type optical tube or straight tube type
    Lighting SectionTransmitted lighting
    Optical system
    • Simple Koehler lighting (long focal length condenser lens with numerical aperture NA=0.85)
    • High brightness LED lighting and drive power supply
    Stage section
    (XY axis)
    Drive method
    • 400 mm x 400 mm
    • Driven by stepping motor
    • Closed-loop control by encoder
    • Drive speed : Up to 50 mm/sec.
    • Reading accuracy : 1 μm
    • Position repeatability : Less than 15 μm
    Sample holderGlass substrate
    • Size : 408 mm x 408 mm
    • Exclusive adsorption holder mountable
    Special frameVibration-isolation device
    • Rubber vibration isolator
    • Weight 300 kg/m2 or less