1. Overview
    VectMAP is software for simultaneously mapping two-dimensional distribution information of quantities with the magnitude and orientation of vector quantities, such as birefringence, electromagnetic fields, and fluids.

      • Color/grayscale stratified display
      • Contour line display
      • Azimuth display with slope of line segments
      • 3D bird’s eye view display

    By using a combination of functions such as the following, a variety of expressions become possible. For example, if the size of the vector is expressed by the brightness of the display and the orientation of the main axis by the tint of the display, the 2D distribution can be displayed in high density. Therefore, the display does not become crowded and difficult to distinguish when the data is dense, as in the conventional display method using arrows.

  2. Display example


    Color scale of birefringence phase difference and line display of principal axis orientation


    Gray scale display of birefringent phase difference


    Color scale display of principal axis orientation


    Bird’s eye view of birefringence phase difference
    (Any cross section can be displayed from this screen)

  3. Price
    List Price : ¥150,000-