Liquid crystal device

  1. Principle of Measurement
    Liquid crystal panels are used not only for displays but also in various other fields due to their light weight and thinness. Since liquid crystal panels change the polarization state of light, the measurement of birefringence is an important item in the management of their characteristics and in research and development. Uniopt’s birefringence measurement systems can be used to evaluate the rubbing film of liquid crystal panels [ABR-10A], viewing angle expansion film [ABR-10A], panel voltage-polarization characteristics [ABR-22], and dynamic specific observation of liquid crystals [ABR-30]. All models can perform birefringence measurement by grazing incidence light.

  2. Example of rubbing film evaluation
    1. Evaluation method
    2. Measurement result (graph)
    3. Measurement result (birefringence)
    4. Measurement result (Principal axis orientation)
    5. Observation of birefringence waviness
    6. Change over time