Rubbing film 4

  • Evaluation by standard deviation of slow-phase axis orientation Φ(3σ)
    The following four tables summarize the relationship between the rubbing strength and the standard deviation Φ of the (birefringent principal axis) slow axis orientation. In order to make the tables intuitive and easy to understand, we have divided the values of Φ into three groups and displayed them in different colors. Blue is less than 1.0, yellow is 1.0-2.0, and red is greater than 2.0.
配向膜の厚さ : 1000 Å

Alignment film thickness : 1000 Å

配向膜の厚さ : 200 Å

Alignment film thickness : 200 Å

The next page shows a summary of the “waviness” of the retardation.

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