Custom made

  1. Design and manufacture of optical systems
    We can design and manufacture optical systems according to your specifications, such as projection systems, imaging systems, optical systems including prisms and dichroic filters, and laser interferometers. We have earned a good reputation for designing mechanisms that fully take into account the usability of the equipment for basic experiments, industrial manufacturing equipment, and evaluation equipment.

      • Image processing system Projection optical system, photographic optical system
      • Fourier transform optical system
      • Laser interferometer
      • Temperature coefficient of refractive index (dn/dT) measurement system
      • Scanning interferometric phase measurement system
      • Experimental equipment for crystal rotation method

    Research grant: Foundation Research (B) 20360153,
    Collaboration with Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology


    Examples of special optical system design and manufacturing


  2. Mechanical and mechanical design services
    We provide mechanical and mechanical design services for industrial manufacturing equipment, cleaning equipment, and evaluation equipment. We also accept requests for design drawings, prototypes, and production. Please feel free to contact us.