Poincare sphere ~paper-craft~


  1. Overview
    This is a paper craft that can be instantly transformed from a plane to a sphere and from a sphere to a plane. Polarization is generally considered to be difficult for students. One of the reasons for this is that it is difficult to understand the polarization state without considering it in three dimensions. The Poincaré sphere is a typical example.
    However, it is difficult to use the sphere itself as an educational material because the sphere is too bulky to carry to class or on a business trip.
    In this product, the sphere is made of paper craft, so it is lightweight and can be transformed instantly into a sphere by pulling the tabs on both ends when it is used.
    The students will be surprised at the moment of transformation. At the same time, some of you may think about its structure. For this reason, we have provided it in the pre-assembled state. In this way, this is a teaching material that can provide not only biased education but also “surprise and excitement”, which is the basis of manufacturing. It is also possible to make other shapes instead of spheres. It is also possible to produce other applied products by changing the printing design (cost is not included). Click here for the catalog.

  2. Features
    • Size of the sphere     :     Diameter approx. 120 mm
    • Size when flat            :     Diameter approx. 180 mm
    • Made by combining 4 pieces of paper stencils
    • Can be carried flat in a notebook or file
    • Instantly transforms from flat to sphere!

  3. Price
    1,500 Yen/piece (tax not included)
    (Price is negotiable for large quantities.)

  4. Example of deployment

    Plane state


    By pulling the tab, you can expand it into a solid.